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Administrator Application

Post  Kiba1177 on Tue Nov 17, 2009 6:49 pm

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So I've been following this game since basicly it's origination (albeit, thats not too long at this point) and I've been hyped for it most of that time. I've been around BYOND for awhile, generally not too active unless I find a decent game. I started roleplaying on DBZ Forums, and migrated over to BYOND, where I played and admined on Dragonball Grand Journey, while playing a game called Millenia. I migrated over to Finale when it was in alpha testing, and played/adminned for around a year, in the age people like to call Old Finale; once Empires came out, and all of the weird transition stuff happened, I stopped, and stuck around lazily on BYOND, playing Space Station 13 occasionally, and other things.

I took part in a game called Saburau awhile back, which was a giant feudal era game focusing on samurais and epic combat, which was progressing very nicely. I helped icon, and did a lot of advertisement, finding iconners and coders, assembling the team, and coming up with ideas (while writing lots of them up) for a lot of the systems, and stuff. The main iconner and coder got mad at eachother and the team broke up (though someday I hope it'll get revived) but I've had progress in game development.

So what can I offer? I'm fairly active moderating wise, so I could be on the game and help keep track of thing. I've got lots of ideas if any input is needed (I already try to help out as much as I can there) and I can do any advertising, or things like that, that's needed. Either way, if I don't get it I'll still stick with the game and I can't wait until it's ready. Cheers.


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Re: Administrator Application

Post  Misa on Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:03 pm

- As i said in the other application, "You will be judged right, Just not now" We will wait till we can see peoples RPing skills, and their way to tread other people, over the beta. (Date Upcomming)
// Misa

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